Young Ick “Busy Rock” Cha (He/Him)
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Young Ick “Busy Rock” Cha (He/Him)

Young Ick “Busy Rock” Cha (He/Him)

Young Ick “Busy Rock” Cha is an up-and-coming multidisciplinary Hip-hop artist practicing b-boy, graffiti, and DJing. His birthplace is Incheon, South Korea, and currently, he has been a Canadian citizen since 2016. Today he is based in Amiskwaciy-Wâskahigan, Treaty 6 territory.

What sets Busy apart from the average Hip-hop artists is his determination to set the standards high through honest passion, solid foundation, extensive research, mentorship, and consistent discipline.

He draws inspiration from 70s Hong Kong martial arts films, 70s comic books, cult classic films, 70s Blaxploitation films. This is because his approach is heavily inspired by the Bronx, NY foundation and his East Asian heritage. It is his goal as an honest Hip-hop artist to learn the blueprint laid out by previous generations, and evolve it by adding his heritage and personal element to the table.

He has been mentored by members of the international crew Ready to Rock since 2015 and is currently prospected to become a member. Currently, he is a member of Down by Law.

His ultimate purpose is to inspire young people to reconnect with their souls and heritage to walk through life’s challenges with confidence and finesse.

Photo by Sean Paul Arceta