Maxime Beauregard (They/Them)
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Maxime Beauregard (They/Them)

Maxime Beauregard (They/Them)

Maxime Beauregard (They/Them) is a transgender non-binary multi-potential-diverse person. After graduating from the School of Toronto Dance Theatre, Maxime worked in contemporary dance as well as in backstage production. Beauregard worked on multiple festivals and was an assistant stage manager practicum at Banff Centre. In 2017, they worked on the touring season of TDT and then started their journey as a nomad traveler and a YouTuber (Nomad Outside The Box). In 2019, Maxime found their home in Mohkinstsis/Calgary and started performing on various stages across Canada as their drag king persona Alek Ginger Bend. Meanwhile, the artist started working as the Facility Administrator of the vibrant cultural hub of cSPACE Projects, creating new connections with the creative community. In 2020, Maxime started public speaking and facilitating discussions around queer identities, practices and spaces. Through the pandemic, they pursued their dance practice, participating as a dancer in many vibrant contemporary dance projects.

Social Media:

Alek Ginger Bend

Instagram: @alekginger



Nomad Outside The Box


Instagram: @nomad_outside_the_box

Photo by Brandon Wilson at Great Canadian Films