Q+D Artist Feature: Meghann Michalsky
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Q+D Artist Feature: Meghann Michalsky

Q+D Artist Feature: Meghann Michalsky

Thank you again to everyone who has streamed the Quick + Dirty!! The festival is live to stream on demand until August 15th. Until then, we’d love to introduce you to the lead artists who have taken huge risks and made this festival come to life. Finally: Meghann Michalsky.

Describe a challenge that transferring your research to film has posed.

This was Fritz [Gehrard Viray] and I’s first collaboration together and we found it super challenging to rehearse on zoom – I am thankful that it’s summer and we could eventually rehearse outside.

Share something about working with the medium of film that has surprised you in your process.

I was pleasantly surprised at how much easier a portion of my research could be communicated via the screen, as opposed to on stage. I also enjoyed creating “secondary choreography” between the movement of the dancer and the movement of the camera.

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View the teaser trailer, edited by Linnea Swan, here.