Q+D Artist Feature: Jocelyn Mah
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Q+D Artist Feature: Jocelyn Mah

Q+D Artist Feature: Jocelyn Mah

Thank you again to everyone who has streamed the Quick + Dirty!! The festival is live to stream on demand until August 15th. Until then, we’d love to introduce you to the lead artists who have taken huge risks and made this festival come to life. Next up: Jocelyn Mah.

Describe a challenge that transferring your research to film has posed.

It has been challenging to let go of previous ideas for what was originally supposed to be a live performance, and move on to plan B, then C, then D…. each concept I was quite emotionally attached to, and had to accept that they were not going to happen (this year, anyway). I have never had to change my concept so many times or so drastically – I had to learn to love ‘plan G’. I am very fortunate to have still had the opportunity to present my work in this new format. 

Share something that has surprised you  since the release of the festival.

I was surprised by audience members’ emotional reactions to the film. I think I spent so many weeks blankly staring at my computer screen, editing each photo (there are 1100) down to the tenth of a second, that I lost sight of what the work is about – a loving relationship between two people. 

What have you noticed about considering choreography for the live versus film platforms? What have you noticed about the medium of filmmaking? 

Film is a new medium for me, I felt like a fish out of water – I have next to no experience in photography, videography, lighting or editing – I had my work cut out for me. I was very lucky to have mentors Linnea and Jake who offered guidance. 

And, finally, share your thoughts on something that has revealed itself to be central to your creative practice. 

I aim to make work that transports audience members to another place, a music-dance wonderland, away from their worries, even just for a few minutes. That has been the power of music in my life, and I want to share that joy with others. Music means everything to me. 

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View the teaser trailer, edited by Linnea Swan, here.