A New Program Experiment & International Dance Day 2020
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A New Program Experiment & International Dance Day 2020

A New Program Experiment & International Dance Day 2020

Dear friends,

Due to the extraordinary circumstances we find ourselves in at this moment, dance artists around the world are celebrating our art in innovative and humble ways; dancing in our living rooms, on balconies, kitchens, and even on our beds! We are creating connection through technology to overcome distance, isolation, and to think about and experience dance from different perspectives. Every day I open my computer, I’m overwhelmed by the amount of content that is online, but also inspired by the potential this medium can open up if approached thoughtfully. Our current circumstances truly provide us with an opportunity to reflect upon the art form and its future. As artistic director of DSW, I am always looking for ways to best support artists in developing their craft and gaining relevant skills in the continuously shifting field of dance.

As a measured response to the quarantine restrictions we are living with, I have redirected the resources associated with our Creative Intensive and Quick + Dirty Festivalto create a pilot program with a dance on film focus. Q+D artists Meghann Michalsky, Jocelyn Mah, Nicole Charlton Goodbrand, Jeannie Vandekerhove and Marynia Fekecz have re-conceived their original proposals and, with the mentorship of Linnea Swan and Jacob Niedzwiecki, will create short dance films for the small screen! We just had our first individual project meetings and I was blown away by the artists’ imaginative renewal of their projects!

I feel deeply blessed and excited to have Jacob and Linnea as guest mentors. They are both highly experienced choreographer/filmmakers with a lot to offer our artists. Dance on film is about much, much more than just putting dance on film. In the coming weeks, I’ll keep you in the loop on how the projects are shaping up, and what is being shared and learned amongst our wonderful team.

Many of you know Linnea through her performance and choreography, but perhaps a bit less about her film-work. Jacob is new to Alberta, having just moved with here from Toronto with his partner last year. To help you get to know these two wonderful artists a bit more, please check out their bios below.

Sending you all my best on International Dance Day 2020,